Daria Berg

Daria Berg

Daria Berg

Prof. Dr.
Professor of Chinese Culture and Society
Office 51-6007
Unterer Graben 21
9000 St. Gallen
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Main Focuses
  • Chinese Literature and Culture
  • Chinese Cultural History
  • Media and Internet in China
  • Chinese Pop Culture
Fields of research
  • Chinese Culture and Literature
  • Chinese Cultural History
Further fields of research
  • Media and Internet in China
  • Chinese Popular Culture
Education 1995 D. Phil. Oxford University, UK (Chinese Studies)
1992 Certificate, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan (Postgraduate Research in Chinese Literature & History)
1991 Diploma, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan (Advanced Japanese Language Programme)
1990 Diploma, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan (Intermediate Japanese Language Porgramme)
1988 M. Litt., Transfer Examination, Oxford University, UK (Chinese Studies)
1987 Diploma, Fu Jen University, Tapei, ROC (Modern and Classical Chinese Literature & Philosophy)
1987 Certificate, Mandarin Daily News Language Center, Taipei, ROC(Modern and Classcial Chinese Language and Literature)
1986 Diploma, Fudan University, Shanghai, China (Modern and Classical Chinese Language & Literature)
1985 Intermediate Examination, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany (in Sinology & English Literature)
Professional Career

2011-Present: University of St.Gallen, Chair Professor of Chinese Culture and Society

2007-2011: University of Nottingham, Associate Professor of Contemporary Chinese Studies and Research Director (2011), School of Contemporary Chinese Studies
2005-2006: University of Nottingham, University Lecturer of Contemporary Chinese Studies
1995-2005: University of Durham, Durham, University Lecturer of Chinese Studies
1995: Oxford University, Part-time Lecturer in Classcial Chinese
1994-1995: Oxford University, Randall-McIver Junior Research Fellor, Chinese Literature
1994-1998: Oxford University and Taiwan National University, Research fellow, Project on Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples
1994-1995: Oxford University, Tutor in Modern Chinese Literature
1992-1995: Oxford University, Tutor in Classical Chinese and Early Modern Vernacular Literature

Teaching Activities

Bachelor-level courses:

Media and Culture in a Globalising China
Cinema in China
China’s Culture of Consumption 
Pop Culture in China
China’s Transformation: A View from Media and Culture
Film and Culture in China
China’s New World Cities: A Cultural Journey
Modern China in History and Film

Integrative Portfolio Media  

Master-level courses:

Digital Dissent: Internet Authors, Artists and Activists in Twenty-first Century China
Entrepreneurialism in Chinese Culture

Youth Culture in China

Women, Gender and Responsibility in China
China’s Avantgarde: Authors, Artists and Activists
Transcultural BRICs: Business in China (MBA, co-taught)
Cultural Entrepreneurs and Creative Industries in China

Generation X and the Chinese City: Transcultural Communication in China’s Emerging World Cities
'Superpower China': Economic Imbalances & Cultural Shifts (co-taught)
The Chinese Dream: 21st-Century Superpower
China Invents the Future: The Culture of Entrepreneurship, Technology and Social Networks (co-taught)
Competence in Intercultural Communication (at SGI in Singapore)  

China under Xi Jinping: What does it mean for China’s economy and society? (co-taught)

Wealth Creation in China (co-taught)

Integrative Portfolio Media  

PhD-level courses:

Transforming China: New Media and Culture between Consumerism and Censorship 
The Organisation of Media, Globalising Markets and Transcultural Communication
Cultural Studies: Text and New Media in the Digital Age (co-taught)

Singapore Field School in Intercultural Competence 

Public Lectures:

Künstler, Schriftsteller und Intellektuelle in China—Ai Weiwei und die chinesische Avantgarde (Artists, Writers and Intellectuals in China - Ai Weiwei and the Chinese Art)

Kurtisanen, Künstlerinnen und Cybervamps: Chinesische Frauen in Geschichte und Gegenwart (Courtesan Poets, Painters and Cybervamps: Chinese Women Past and Present)

Chinas Neue Superstädte: Eine kulturelle Reise ( China's New Super-Cities: A Cultural Journey)

China vom Kaiser bis Mao: Geschichte und Film im 20. Jahrhundert, 1900-1976 (China from Empire to Mao: History and Film in the 20th Century, 1900-1976)

Chinas Neue Popkultur (China's New Popular Culture) 

Der Mann, der China erfand: Der Erste Kaiser von China und seine spektakuläre Welt (The Man who Invented China: China's First Emperor and his Spectacular World)

Affiliations Member of the Association of Asian Studies, US
Member of the European Association for Chinese Studies, EU
Member of the Universities’ China Committee London, UK
Member of the British Association of Chinese Studies, UK
Member of the Deutsche Vereinigung für Chinastudien e.V., Germany
Member of the Deutsche Hochschulverband, Germany

2020: University of St.Gallen, Teaching Reduction for Research 

2019: Swiss Asian Society, Grant for Workshop Organisatuion: "China's New Media and Cultural Entrepreneurs"

2018: University of St.Gallen, Teaching Reduction for Research 

2016: University of St.Gallen, Teaching Reduction for Research 
2015: ICAS Book Prize Specialist Publication Accolade for "Women and the Literary World in Early Modern China"

2015: The Eduard B. Vermeer Prize for the Best Article, China Information 
2014-2016: Swiss National Science Foundation Research Grant
2015-2016: Chiang Ching-kuo Lecture Series (St.Gallen & Leiden) 
2014: University of St.Gallen, Teaching Reduction for Research
2012-2013: University of St.Gallen, Research Committee's Basic Research Fund 
2010: University of Nottingham, Learning & Teaching Development Projects
2005-2011: University of Nottingham, Research Grants, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies
2007-2012: Chinese Ministry of Education Grant for a Confucius Institute at the University of Nottingham
2008: Association for Asian Studies, US Panel Organizer Grant
2006: University of Nottingham Research Grant for Chinese cultural studies
2006: Oxford University, Institute of Chinese Studies, Publication Grant
2002-2003: The Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship
2002: British Academy Travel Grant
2002: British Academy Grant
2002: Universities’ China Committee, London Grant
2002: Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Grant
2002: Durham University, Contemporary China Centre Grant
1997: Shung Ye Foundation Grant
1997: Universities’ China Committee London Grant
1997: Durham University Special Staff Travel Fund
1996: Shung Ye Foundation Grant
1996: Durham University Special Staff Travel Fund
1996: Durham University Department of East Asian Studies Research Fund
1994-1996: Shung Ye Foundation, Taiwan, Grant
1992-1994: German National Scholarship Foundation
1990-1992: Rotary Foundation, Rotary International, Japan Programme Scholarship
1990: St. Hugh's College Oxford University Award
1989-1990: British Academy Major State Studentship
1989-1990: St. Hugh's College Oxford University Cannon Graduate Scholarship
1989: The Oxford Society Award
1987-1990: German National Scholarship Foundation
1986: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Foundation Prize
1985-1986: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarship
1983: Baccalaureate (Abitur) Prize for Outstanding Results
Additional Information
Research Associate, China Policy Institute, University of Nottingham, 2007-
Research Associate, Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 2007-
Elected Board Member, European Association for Chinese Studies, 2002-06 
Webmaster, European Association for Chinese Studies, 2002-04
Council Member, Universities’ China Committee London, 1999-2004  

1997: Visiting Professor, Zhongshan University, Canton, China

2016: Principal Investigator and Conference Organiser, “The Art of Transculturality: New Frontiers in Postsocialist China’s Avant-garde”, University of St.Gallen, 28/29 July 
2013: Panel Organiser, “Transcultural Communication in a Globalizing China.” Conference “The Future of Content Is Context”, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of St. Gallen, 25/26 April  
2008: Panel Organiser, “Cyberspace, Consumerism and Cultural Creativity in Twenty-First Century China.” 60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, Atlanta, GA
2004: Panel Organiser, “Books, Bodies And Business: Cultural Consumption and Production in Contemporary China in Interdisciplinary Perspective.” 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, San Diego, CA
2003: Panel Organiser, “Beyond Gender and Class: Ladies, Lovers, Loyalists and the Search for Gentility.” 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, New York, NY
2002: Panel Organiser, “Women and Publishing in Traditional China.” 14th European Association for Chinese Studies Conference, Moscow
2002: Principal Investigator and Conference Organiser, “Perceptions of Gentility in Chinese Literature and History,” with Dr. Chloë Starr, Durham University. The results have been published in a refereed book: The Quest for Gentility in China: Negotiations beyond Gender and Class. Edited volume, with Chloë Starr. London: Routledge.
1998: Chair and Co-organiser, International Symposium “The Study of Women in Late Imperial China,” jointly with Prof. Harriet T. Zurndorfer, Leiden University, The Netherlands, sponsored by the International Institute for Asian Studies
1996: Panel Organiser, “Martyr, Saviour and Saint: Women in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Fiction and History.” 48th Annual Meeting of Association for Asian Studies, Honolulu, HI
1994-1998: Member of the research project on Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples, with Professor David Faure, in collaboration with Oxford University and Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, supported by the Shung Ye Foundation, Taipei

2016- Dominique Ursprung. “Educational System in China”. University of St.Gallen.
2012-16 Sergio de Eccher. “The Impact of Social Networks in China”. University of St.Gallen.
2011-15 Katrin Müller-Hansen. “Han Han and China’s Education System.” University of St.Gallen.
2011-12 Rebecca Scott. “Children’s Literature in Twentieth-Century China.” University of Nottingham.
2010-11 Tracey Fallon. “Language, Culture and Soft Power in China.” University of Nottingham.
2009-11 Wu Junqing. “Investigating the Traditional Characteristics of Religious Policy in Communist China.” University of Nottingham.
2009-14 Giorgio Strafella. “Intellectual Politics, Literature and Culture: The Intellectual Debate over the Humanistic Spirit (renwen jingshen zhenglun) in China since 1989.” University of Nottingham.
1995-99 Sarah Dauncey. “The Politics of Fashion: Perceptions of Power in Female Dress and Ornamentation as reflected in the sixteenthcentury Chinese Novel Jin Ping Mei.” University of Durham.

Fluency in speech and writing in English, German, Chinese, Japanese and French
Reading proficiency in Classical Chinese and Latin
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